Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reflecting on Mid-Autumn Festival

I had lost track until a friend mentioned that the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival was today.  I had a whirlwind of a summer and am just getting back to my routine here. 
The festival reminded me on an image I had taken over the summer, at Big Sky Lake in Montana.  I had the incredible luck to visit a former English teacher of mine from middle school, she has now retired and lives by the lake.  My last evening there was spent photographing sunset on the lake, and long after the sun was down, I continued to photograph as the night sky settled in.  This feeling of timelessness and how small we are in relation to the universe is just incredible.  It's also a relief to feel this, and more importantly for me to realize that it is indeed true. 

Being effortless is the key to everything.  I see all my training is actually to undo the training.

我完全忘記中秋節這件事,直到一位朋友突然提起。經過這夏天在美國收集了那麼多的體驗 ,我現在才慢慢回復平常的生活。

 說中秋讓我想起這夏天在 Montana 州 Big Sky 湖的一個景觀。我很辛運地能夠拜訪我中學時的英文老師,她與師丈已退修並長期住在湖邊。在那最後一晚我專注與湖上的夕陽攝影,就算太陽早已沉在山後,夜色俏俏來臨,我還是被那夜景吸引著而繼續按快門。這超越時空,人事是多渺小的感覺是無法形容的。  這對我來說也是一種安慰感,而且最重要的是,一個人生的真理。


Thursday, June 9, 2016

No Stamping

I found this to be very inspiring and I particularly like Laurie Anderson's honest expression.  It's not always easy to find your inner voice, and it's perhaps a life-long journey.  Release your own pressure and be who you are.  Easier said than done, but maybe let's all give it a try and then it might be easier?? 

我很欣賞Laurie Anderson 真誠的分享 。找出自我內心的聲音並不容易,也許是一輩子的

Friday, May 6, 2016

New and Old

For the month of May, I'm contemplating on pieces which I've played often in my life.  Even if it's so familiar, the fascination for them continues.  Like telling a story each time in a slightly different way.

Appropriately, here's a new take on an old motif of mine.  The exchange between old and new is endless.