Thursday, November 13, 2014

Berlin impressions

I've been having such wonderful experiences with playing that I can hardly sit still to write about them!  Although awhile ago, those feelings are nevertheless fresh in my mind.

End of September I got together with my dear friend and colleague Amanda Markwick to perform two "shows", as I'd like to call them, because they really weren't concerts in the traditional sense.  I've been having a lot of fun telling stories in my new programs, and this time we've created "Die Kunst der Verzehrung", a program telling about the enjoyments of food and everything surrounding food.  We had two shows in Berlin (the most awesome German city!), one was at Café Botánico restaurant and the other was in a zen meditation space, where people were invited to bring mats and bedding to enjoy the concert lying down.  Ticket included one glass of wine afterwards.  Amanda told me that she knew places in Berlin which do that, so I thought, well sure, I'm up for it!  

I've always wanted to do salon concerts as such.  I mean, what can be more perfect than good food, wine, music, and getting comfortable??  Café Botánico is a restaurant which uses home-grown or regional ingredients from Italy.  On specific Fridays or Saturdays of the month, they would feature a music program which customers would enjoy after their main meal, while sipping away wine or coffee.  The mood was perfect, it was one of the most enjoyable audiences I've played for.  People laughed at our humor and couples snuggled close to each other as our music glowed with romance.  This is what music is all about!  And yes, even baroque music.

On sunny Sunday afternoon, everyone got all comfortable in the zen space, the atmosphere was low-key and harmonious.  People told us that because they were lying down and relaxed, it actually increased their awareness of the music.  They could really follow the counterpoint between the two flutes weaving in and out of each other, while the overtones were noticeable as well.  The space was very resonant to play in and I felt like it was almost a three-dimensional experience in sound.  

Yay Flutes!  

Overdue blogging still coming up next.