Saturday, April 2, 2016

CD of the Month

For the month of April, I'd like to share a new CD release which may not be known to many. Gambist Gerald Stempfel is a great colleague and friend of mine.  With lutenist Thorsten Bleich, their new release circles around music by the famous French gambist and composer Marin Marais.  But it's not so much about the actual pieces but rather, the musicians' improvisations over the themes that are particularly noteworthy.  Here we enter a very special world of sound that is personal and timeless.  This kind of emotional, boundary crossing expression is what I also find as one of the greatest potentials in baroque music.  

Please take the time for a quiet listen, the most beautiful moments happen between the notes:


這四月我來分享一張大家可能還不知道的新專集。古大提琴家(viola da gamba )Gerald Stempfel 是我要好的同事和朋友,他和魯特琴手Thorsten Bleich 最近推出一張CD,環繞著法國最著名的巴洛克古大提琴家和作曲家Marin Marais 的作品。專集最特別的並不是在作曲本身,而是詮釋者運用Marais的音樂做為即興的靈感源頭。在這裡,聆聽者進入一場非常獨特和跨越時光的音響世界。這種多情感,跨越性的表達方式也是我覺得巴洛克音樂最與眾不同的潛力。


CD available on Conditura Records.