Friday, February 5, 2016

392 in silver, please.

Slight wintery blues made me feel uninspired for January.  But recently I realized that playing in A=392 has been an enlightening experience.  I feel like I'm retreating to my natural self and discovering what I have neglected.  The sound envelopes me with immense warmth and the gentle vibrations work like an inner massage.  Please don't hesitate to try it when you have a chance!

Chinese New Year is coming up so I have another opportunity to start the new year with a quote from Wilbert Hazelzet, one of his many wisdoms on the art of the traverso:

"Can you find the silver in your sound?"

稍稍的冬天憂鬱讓我在一月時沒什麼靈感。但最近練習早期法國巴洛克音樂時,我體驗到吹奏音準A=392是非常有啟發性的。 我感覺回到了我自己,回到被我遺忘的一部分。溫暖的長笛音環繞著我,極其細微的共鳴感如內在的按摩。  假如有機會嘗試的話請別錯過哦!

農曆新年即到來,再次給我一個機會獻上新年新希望的分享。來自Wilbert Hazelzet許多吹奏古長笛的智慧之一: