Thursday, October 1, 2015

October is for imagination and creativity! Today I did a listening program for my students introducing various keyboard instruments. They had to draw something based on the music they heard. Here are some reactions:

Fortepiano CPE Bach: girl climbing on a mountain and sliding down because of the snow, cat chasing mouse, spooky
Organ Buxtehude: The sky opening and birds flying, jagged lines on a heart rate monitor, love hearts
Harpsichord Louis Couperin: raindrops and rainbows, the color yellow, a king with treasures being served by servants

Let's not forget why we love music in the first place!


古鋼琴 CPE Bach:女孩爬山但因雪一直往下滑,貓追老鼠,可怕
管風琴 Dieterich Buxtehude:天空展開,鳥飛行,心電圖的跳動,愛心
大鍵琴 Louis Couperin:雨滴和彩虹,黃顏色,擁有財寶的國王被侍者伺侯著