Monday, December 7, 2015

Exercices Journaliers

In the wintery month of December, I invite everyone to find that golden sound to warm your heart! I highly recommend Reichert's exercise No. 2, it's a great way to practice tone color, intonation, musicality, embouchure flexibility.....very useful and beautiful to play. Although originally meant for the flute and probably only known amongst modern flutists, it works great on the traverso. Practice up to 4 sharps and flats, sometimes it can be slightly out of the range but that's OK, it works mostly great. Feel free to share your experiences with it!

在寒冷的十二月,請找出金黃色的音色來溫暖你的心吧!我喜歡Reichert的第二號練習曲, 這是可以練習音色,音準,音樂性,吹口靈活性等等的好幫手。雖然原先是寫給現代長笛的,但練古長笛也很好,可以練到四升四降。音域有時太廣沒關係,還是很適合的。歡迎分享過程哦。

Here's to Reichert's Exercices Journaliers.